luxryious docs


the core that powers the entire luxryious project

how will the treasury be built ?

the treasury will be funded by 75% of the modern villa collection mint sales.
(wallet address: 0xD7c21F10da07Dd7A875f2276A8ddEda963CE2dD7)
the funds will be staked into BENQI liquid staking. the capital will remain staked into the farm until the defi dapp is deployed.

how will the treasury be sustained ?

when the dapps are deployed, liquidity will be required for the $lux token. 25% of the the treasury, allocated to the liquidity pool on the dex traderjoe.
the fun begins when the dapps are deployed, as the treasury will be utilized to grow the project, support the $avax ecosystem, and provide support to $lux.
to grow the project, 25% of the treasury will be used for marketing. later details will be announced on twitter and discord and i will keep you updated throughout the process.
to support the $avax ecosystem, 50% of the treasury will be invested into top avalanche projects. 50% of the investment part of the treasury will be staked in $avax BENQI liquid staking. the remaining 50% of the investment will be equally divided amongst $CRA, $QI, and $JOE. weekly updates will be provided.
to back $lux and provide the sweet passive income we all love and crave, the remaining 25% of the treasury will be liquid in $avax to reward the $lux token hodlers.
in conclusion, the foundation of luxryious will be built from the ground up. the cfo of the treasury will be Tropic to start, but a highly experienced cfo will be hired when the treasury becomes active to ensure safety and growth.