luxryious docs


the most frequently asked questions surrounding the project.

why no capital letters ?

the reason behind this is simply branding. we stand out amongst the crowd. naturally, this starts with how a project appears. thus, across all of our platforms, you will not find a capital letter- okay, maybe one or two ;)

wen mint ?

our gen 0 collection will debut march 31st 2022 at 8pm UTC.

what are the mint details ?

0.25 $avax for the first 250 - 0.35 $avax for the next 350 - 0.5 for the next 500 - 0.69 for the next 69 villas and the remaining 31 will be giveaways.
10 villas are mintable per wallet.

where can i trade my villa nfts ?

the collection is verified on Kalao & TofuNFT, and we will list our collection on other marketplaces in due time.
here is the TofuNFT collection link:

what are the royalties ?

5% - four percent will be allocated to the treasury and one percent will be allocated to the team.

where will mint sales go ?

75% allocated to the treasury, 15% to team, 10% to founder

why the avalanche blockchain ?

avax is blazingly fast, extremely low cost, secure, and eco-friendly