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introduction to luxryious

welcome home.

what is luxryious ?

luxryious is a premier nft brand on the avalanche blockchain that is constructing a blue chip avax project that will passively generate income for all hodlers. the modern villas collection is the first from luxryious released in q1 2022. (see roadmap) each villa is uniquely crafted with its own background, texture, pool, etc. what are you waiting for? your new dream home awaits.

what is the point of luxryious ?

the goal of luxryious is to connect real estate nfts through defi in the metaverse to build something epic-never seen before.

how can i participate in luxryious ?

as of right now, the main way to participate in the project is to mint and hodl modern villa nfts. as utility is added, there will be many, many more ways to get involved.

how can i benefit from luxryious ?

the main benefit for hodlers begins with exclusive weekly $AVAX giveaways for our community.

what measures are we taking to prevent a rug ?

i feel like at this point, mostly everyone in the crypto space has experience with a project that has rugged. to prevent that, we have implemented a couple measures to ensure your safety and trust in the project.
first, 75% of the mint sales will be placed into the treasury. the funds will be locked and staked into BENQI liquid staking. the funds will be continually staked in the farm until the dapp is built.
the reason for this is that the treasury will be fully active and continuously utilized at that point, and a multi-sig wallet will be enabled to prevent rugging from any team member. (see treasury for more details) 15% of the 25% remaining will be allocated to hiring a dapp dev. the final 10% will go to the founder, unless the money is needed to hire more team members. this will all be built into the smart contract.

who is behind luxryious ?

currently, the entire luxryious project is operated by the founder, tropic
i am actively pursuing qualified and respectable members fill out the team.
tropic is an avax maxi, altcoin degen and entrepreneur.
i will be bringing a third-party reputable cfo and cmo on-board when the treasury is in motion.
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